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The Art of Nick Morawiecki

Nick Morawiecki is an painter and songwriter. In this edition of Art Beat we learn what inspires Nick to create, how music and painting balance each other out, and his technique.

The Art of Mary Singer

Mary Singer is a Winona portrait artist. Mary has been practicing her craft since being a young girl, and has been featured in many shows and exhibitions. She primarily works with oil on canvas, but also ventures into using other mediums.

The Art of Chad Gregerson

An interview with Chad Gregerson of Tatü Royale in downtown Winona Minnesota. Chad has been tattooing for over twenty years and specializes in reconstruction and working with scar tissue. A true artist, his work is executed using freehand technique, giving his clients a true masterpiece to wear proudly.

Chad unfortunately passed away September 2010 due to a motorcycle accident. He touched and changed many peoples lives through his work.

The Art of Lyon Smith

Local artist Lyon Smith is a painter and a sculptor. Today he shares with us what inspires him to create, his travels around the world, and who ultimatley sparked his interest in art. After Lyon’s interview stay tuned to see a demonstration on wood block printing.

The Art of Marshall Holtan

Today we visit with an artistic individual who mostly stays behind the scene. Marshall Holtan is the goldsmith for Holtan’s Jwerely in downtown Winona MN. We visit Marshall at his workspace to learn more about technique, tools, and what goes into being a goldmith. We’ll also find out what sets Marshall apart from others in his field and what he loves about his work. You’re watching Art Beat – on KQAL!