Welcome KQAL Alum!

We’re glad you found the new KQAL.org! We hope you check in from time to time and keep up with activities at the radio station. Or, stream KQAL anytime to listen to our music variety or see how the Warriors are doing on the field of play.

Mike Martin (yes, he’s still here!)  has set up a Facebook page for KQAL alumni so you keep up and re-connect with your KQAL friends from Winona State. The new website also features a way you can help support KQAL with a donation. It’s easy, it’s online and any gift will be greatly appreciated.

I’d also like to hear from you and find out your thoughts on the station, any ideas you’d like to pass along, or, let me know if there was something you heard that you liked while listening to KQAL.

Again, thanks for stopping by KQAL.org.

Doug Westerman, General Manager